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The Story of The Little Kitchen

Over the years we have developed some fascinating and exciting products for which we have won many awards. However we have never been able to produce these commercially due to various restrictions. Until Now! With this in mind the idea of The Little Kitchen was born. A smaller factory within The Pudding Mill but kept completely separate in which Andy Holt could dedicate time and attention to creating specialist products using the knowledge gained over the past 21 years.

 In here Andy has created and invented a whole new range… The Charcuterie Range.


The Charcuterie Range

Specialist products made to new recipes based around our Traditional Products. Black Pudding Terrine, Black and White Pudding Roulade, Black Puddings with Smoked Cheese and Ham, Chilli and Apple Black Pudding are just a small part of the Range. Andy will also be making the Black Pudding continental variations Boudin Noir, Morcilla, Sanguinaccio, Blutworst. These products are available to order.


The Little Kitchen

The studio kitchen was designed to give Andy somewhere to work with chefs and customers developing new recipes. You can book in to come and develop your own specialist product with Andy, which can then be produced specifically for you.


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You can keep up to date with the cookery demonstrations and new product ideas in our Blog



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