If you have ever had a warm black pudding at a market or a fair, with a bit of salt and vinegar or a dollop of mustard, this is the kind you will have had.

The Bury Type of Black Pudding is the most favoured and considered the most traditional of all the Black Puddings. During the mid to late 1800's, there were a lot of Black Pudding makers in Bury, some actually producing in there own houses. Bury soon became a hot spot for Black Pudding and is still famous for it to this day. Every Butchers shop sold Black Puddings all using slight variations of the Bury recipe, Bury market still has a reputation for puddings.

Bury Black Puddings 3 - Black Back

The defining factor of the Bury Black Pudding is the recipe and our puddings are made from an age old recipe handed down through the generations and dating back to 1879. However Andrew chose to avoid the confrontations with existing producers and chose not to put the word 'Bury' in his company name, instead emphasising that these Puddings are Real Lancashire.

All of our ingredients are of the very best quality and we make our own herbs and spice mix right here at the factory, which is probably why our puddings have a very distinct flavour.  Our puddings are still tied by hand by our skilled production team, and we are never short of volunteers for testing that the quality is perfect.

Our Black Puddings are available in Vac's and Nets.

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