The Real Lancashire Black Pudding is a family business dedicated to producing the highest quality products.  We produce many variations of Black Pudding and Traditional Irish White Pudding.

In 1993 Andrew Holt, who was a butcher at the time, came across a business opportunity, a unique business opportunity.
Richard Sanderson Ireland, a local black pudding maker of over 30 years was looking to sell up and retire. Andrew decided to buy R.S.Ireland's and Dick agreed to stay on to pass down his wisdom. He taught him the traditional methods and give him the secret recipe that dated back to 1879. Once he knew the business was in good hands, Dick left to enjoy his retirement.

Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company, Waterfoot factory
Andy Holt1998

Andrew kept the name R.S.Ireland's for a few years. This was so his customers would know that although there was a new owner the quality of the Black Puddings remained excellent. Eventually Andrew faded out the name and we became The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company.  So if you hear people talking about Irelands Black Puddings being the best, they still are! In 1993 Andrew started entering Black Pudding Competitions and to date we have won over 200, including Andrew being knighted a Knight of the Black Pudding.

Andrews's niece Sara Brown joined the team in 2001, working in the factory.  She quickly proved how invaluable she was to the business.  In 2007 he asked her to become his business partner and joint owner of the Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company. Together they worked to build the business to what is it today, expand our product range and help people see the versatility of Black Pudding.
Today we have an amazing team that constantly strives to provide quality and excellence. Our products are now distributed to a range of customers. From the small town family butchers, farmers markets and market stalls, to large supermarkets such as Aldi, Booths and Morrison's throughout the country.

Tripe Sara Brett

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