Black Pudding slices with Egg: an excellent source of iron.

As reported in the Daily Express early in 2012 black pudding is an excellent source of “heam” which is the type of iron that is absorbed more easily by the body.  Women are particularly prone to iron deficiency and to gain a whopping 90% of it from just one meal try two scambled/poached eggs, two slices of black pudding and a glass of orange juice for a quick and easy breakfast or lunch.  This is an excellent meal to boost your iron intake, as well as the black pudding the eggs also contain iron and the Victamin C in the orange juice improves the absorption of the iron.

Another bonus; if you up your intake of iron you are well on your way to fighting fatigue for further info on fighting fatigue take a look at

Also Real Lancashire Black Puddings contain a high content of Oats which have a low Glycaemic Index making black puddings leave you feeling fuller for longer as well as boosting your iron intake. To read more about the nutritional benfits of Real Lancashire’s black puddings take a look at our post ‘Fed Up of Your New Year Diet?’   Happy reading. x