• Strong Flour (500g) any cheap, plus some for dusting kneading
  • 1 packet of dried yeast
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • 325ml Guinness
  • Oil (vegetable or Olive) A glug
  • 20g of Black pudding chopped





This Black Pudding and Guinness Bread recipe by Karl, is quick and easy.  We ourselves have experimented with making a black pudding with Guinness and raisins, and have always found the combination very tasty.

Weigh out the flour

Add Packet of dried Yeast to flour

Add salt and sugar to flour

Add chopped black pudding

Fold all dry ingredients together

Then add your glug of oil (your choice but make it cheap)

Add Guinness and mix in bowl with a wooden spoon ( or mix in a food processor with a dough hook) keep mixing until all ingredients combined

Once the mixture is well mixed take out the wooden spoon and mix by hand still in the large mixing bowl

Add more flour if required if the mixture is a little sticky knead flour for 5 to 10 mins

leave in bowl and cover with clingfilm then place a tea towel over the top

Let the mixture prove in a warm place

Remove from bowl onto flour dusted surface and knead again

Cut and shape into desired outcome, Mini Loaves, Cobs (balm cakes, etc ,etc ) Let them prove again

Cook in oven for 20 min approx. at 190 degrees (check by site and also tap the bottom of the bread to ensure it sounds done)

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