2 duck eggs
6 spears of asparagus
2 rashers of bacon

2 slices of  Black Pudding
2 handfuls of new potatoes
a few handfuls of Salad Leaves


4 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
1tbsp of olive oil
1 tsp of honey
1tsp of wholegrain mustard
Twist of black pepper




What not try  delicious warm salad with duck eggs, asparagus, bacon and Black pudding from Girl interrupted Eating check out some of her other great recipes too.   Perfect for any time of the day or any time of the year.  You can buy our award winning black pudding here

  1. Bring the potatoes to the boil
  2. Add the duck eggs for the last three minutes
  3. Slice each bacon rasher into three wrap it around the asparagus
  4. Grill the asparagus and black pudding until cooked
  5. Mix the potatoes with the salad leaves lay over the eggs , potatoes and asparagus
  6. Dress

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