Here are just some of the comments from our customers

I tried the Asparagus and Bacon Salad with your black pudding from your recipe page, It was amazing,  Thank you.  Jenny, Bacup


We bought your slices from Tesco last week for our fry up, absoloutly gorgeous, so full of flavour, wouldn’t buy any other Tim, Accrington


Best Black Pudding I have Ever tried,  Its Great in a Hotpot, My Kids Love it. Joyce, Dorset


I tried the sample of the White Pudding with Paprika on Bury Market, I NEED MORE! Dennis, Rochdale 


Tried the Gluten Free Black Pudding today it was wonderful, its great to eat Black Pudding Again, Just like I remembered. Gaz, Preston


 Bought some of your Christmas Black Pudding at Stone Farmers Market, Its Great, Had it on a cheese board as suggested, Loved it, Becky,  Bury 


Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company are the best, I bought some of your black puddings today at the farmers market they are brilliant.  Lee, Houghton.


The Best Black Puddings Ever!!! James, Lancashire.


These Black Puddings really take me back to my childhood, I love them! Ernie, Bury


Best in Britain, they really are.  Well Done Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company.  Suzanne, Blackburn


Well these puddings are too nice to be tossing, Really Tasty.  Joan, Ramsbottom


I have never eaten any black puds like these, perfect John. Essex


I bought some of your Black and White Puddings today to take to a barbeque, at first everyone was like eeew Black Pudding, once they tried it they changed their tune.  Andrew, Preston


I’m well aware that Black puddings are a “northern thing” but myself and my family are from Coventry and we love the Real Lancashire Black Puddings Products not just the Bury Black Puddings they produce but the Traditional Irish White Pudding and the Chilli Black pudding.  Simon, Coventry.


Brilliant Black Puddings, Best I have ever tried.  Sandra, Lancashire


Wow these Black Puddings are great, perfect balance of texture and flavour Bob, Leeds


I was very sceptical to try Black Pudding again as previously they have not been to my liking, however my wife bought some from Booths the other day and we had them for our tea.  I can’t tell if age has changed my tastes or if I have been eating the wrong Black Pudding but they were brilliant.  I will be making sure to add that to the shopping list in future.  Edd, Lancaster.


Andy and his team at Real Lancs Black Pudding make the best Bury black Puddings on the market.  They are just as I remembered them as a kid!  Frank, Bury

I have seen documentaries on TV where people just add water to a dry mix and claim it is a black pudding.  It’s nice to see a company sticking to tradition and doing things the proper way – to an 1879 recipe, and boy what a recipe! John, Birmingham


I would like to say that since I made the choice to become a vegetarian I have had to give up much of the foods that I really liked the taste of but thanks to your company I can know enjoy Black Pudding on My Breakfast again, Brilliant tastes just like I remember. Jayne, Manchester


Bit of Black Pudding on the BBQ this afternoon, went perfect with the chicken and sausages, Kids loved it.  Great tasty product and full of goodness. Adam, Herts


No other black puddings are allowed across my threshold. Wendy, Lancashire


WOW so many interesting recipes can be made using black pudding.  I’ve just made the Lancashire cheese, pork & black pudding tart for my tea from your website.  It was delicious.  The quality of your black pudding is what made it extra tasty. Joseph, West Yorkshire.


Most black puddings are really greasy.  I love how RL Black Pudding is not as fatty.  This allows me to have a slimming world fry up without all of the syns!  Jodie, London


Your Chilli black pudding is AMAZING!!!! – Tyler, Essex


The black Puddings from Lancashire really are champion! Peter, Dorset


It’s great to see that you are using the shape and recipe that is traditional to the Bury Black Pudding, I love seeing them in the horseshoe shape, you don’t see it often enough, Great Puddings, Great friendly people.  Freddie, Lancashire


I tried the Black Pudding Ice Cream when it came out, that was Brilliant. Will it be making a re-appearance?  Sam, Clitheroe


Made the recipe for Black Pudding lasagne last night it was brilliant, so tasty.  Decided not to let anyone have seconds so I could have it for my lunch the next day, More for me.  Michelle, Penrith


Who could ever hope for anything a lovely on a cold winters day as some warm black pudding with a bit of salt and vinegar, lovely Black Puddings, Lovely People, Hoping for better weather though.  Albert, Lancashire.


I cooked up the White Pudding Bruschetta you have on your recipe page, absolutely wonderful!!! Could eat it again and again.  Hannah, Devon


The Chilli Black Pudding, Who would have thought it, Very Nice.  David, Skipton


Just taken the Wife to Nutters restaurant,  Brilliant food and service but best of all the Black Pudding,  it tasted Devine.  I will be purchasing some of this to share with my friends Darryl, Manchester.


Tasted the Real Lancashire Black Pudding Companies Black Puddings today, I can see how they have won so Many Awards, What is it now 160…170? Keep on Winning RL Black Puddings. British Champion’s.  Alan, Bury


You know what they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I have tasted your Puddings and they have been proven worthy, absolutely delicious.  Best Puddings I have ever tasted, Rebecca Lincolnshire


I tried your Bacon and Leek Black Pudding, yum yum – Joan, Rossendale


I watched your cookery demo on Chilli Black Pudding with apples.  Tried it at a dinner party, my gusest loved it.  Fiery and Sweet. Jennifer, Greater Manchester 


The Best Black Puddings ever, perfect.  Su, Bury


We buy our white pudding on Bury Market from Mary Chadwicks Original Bury Black Puddings, Its Beautiful, Faye Lancs


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