1. In 2014 the UK spent approximately £17.5 million on black pudding

  2. The UK bought over 3 million kilos of black pudding in 2014,

  3. In the UK the favourite time to eat black pudding is at breakfast with over 70% of our annual usage used at this time.

    The longest black pudding measures 226.67 m (743 ft 8 in) created by Gmina Radomysl Wielki (Poland) in Radomysl Wielki, Poland, on 19 July 2014

  4. Black Pudding is high in Iron and Zinc.

  5. Black Pudding isn’t only a UK. Often called “blood sausage” over 30 different countries have their own version including Spain – Morcilla, Germany – Bludwurst, France – Boudin Noir, Italy – Sanguinaccio.

  6. The Term Bury Black Pudding, refers to the shape (horseshoe) and recipe.

  7. There is a World Black Pudding Throwing Championship held in Ramsbottom annually.

  8. Traditionally Butcher would use leftovers to make their Black Pudding, However after the boom and success of the Black Pudding, Black Pudding companies now source the ingredients specifically for the great Product.

  9. Certain Members of the Black Pudding Community have been Knighted.  A knight of the Black Pudding must promise to promote the eating of Black Pudding and uphold the quality of the Product