Black Pudding isn’t what it once was. Black Pudding in the Days used to be a staple food, easy to use up the leftovers at the butchers, cheap and full of energy to keep you going. Now Black Pudding is being used by Gourmet Chefs and appreciated for what it really is. A Culinary Delicacy. The variations that are available on the Market ranging from Vegetarian to Gluten Free means that anyone can now have black pudding and truly enjoy it.

Everyone has their favourite Black Pudding. Some people prefer the Scottish Black Pudding with its meaty flavour, and minced through fat and Suet. Other prefer the Irish Black Pudding, which has a high cereal content a crumbly texture and general made to be smaller when sliced.

We of course prefer the Lancashire Recipe, high in flavour, some people describe it as herby with a smooth texture and the famous Fat Lumps rather than it minced into the pudding.

A favourite Dish that has cropped up over the years is the combination of Scallops and Black Pudding, however chefs are getting ever more adventurous, even developing recipes for Black Pudding and Chocolate Spread. One of our favourite combinations is Black Pudding and Apple, the sweet compliments the rich savoury flavour of the Black Pudding. You can try this at home yourself with a little Apple Sauce.

However you like your Black Pudding, the appreciation for this fine dish has to be taken note of. We as a company have noticed a large growth in the demand for this product and with it being voted a 2016 Super Food the only way is up.